Friday, August 10, 2012

Free Pattern Friday! - Jacques Cousteau (Steve Zissou) Hat!

And this is done!

My FIL (Father-in-Law) is a scuba diver and he is going on a scuba trip at the end of the month (to somewhere fabulous that I can't remember now...)


This pattern is the Team Zissou hat pattern from Knit Flix! (Ravelry ID: Knitflix)!

My FIL wanted it to be a bit more Jacques Cousteau-ish so I made it a bit shorter than what the Knit Flix pattern calls for!

Otherwise, a very easy fun hat to make!

For this hat, I used the Plymouth Encore Worsted in Orange # 1383.

Love this yarn!  It's just so easy to use.

This hat pattern calls for Kitchener Stitch for stitching the hat up and I used this video on YouTube from the Knit Witch.

This hat took me about a week to make.

Not 'cause it's hard but 'cause I was busy with other things...

Like Cosmos...

and pools...

Team Zissou pattern by Knit Flix!


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