About me!

It's funny how things become more into themselves.

I had originally started this blog as a place for me to put all of my Twinkle pattern 'ah-ha!'s after I'd bought her first book and was so confused by the pattern errors that I figured I just had to share any time I figured any of it out!

Well, I've definitely come a long way since then.  Not only in my knitting, but also in my blogging!

I still love my Twinkle (I have ALL of her books!) and I do credit Twinkle's patterns for teaching me how to be self-sufficient.

ie- learning how to use YouTube and the internet to try and figure out these patterns!

I also learned how to cable, thanks to Twinkle (it's just about one of my favorite things to knit)!

I still wanna use this space as a place to share what I've learned or figured out.

I feel like I've come so far from when I first started knitting (and blogging)!

Geez... have I come a long way!