Sunday, July 15, 2012

3.1 Phillip Lim Sweaters and Roy Lichtenstein...

Oh my goodness!!!! 

I about died when I saw these sweaters come through in the Saks email!

You know I LOVE my Lichtenstein and these cute 3.1 Phillip Lim sweaters are clearly inspired by Lichtenstein's works!

The Break Up Sweater

And Lichtenstein's Drowning Girl (1963)

Drowning Girl (1963)

Ka-Pow! Sweater

And Lichtenstein's Sweet Dreams Baby! (1965):

Sweet Dreams Baby! (1965)

I love Lichtenstein for many many reasons, one of which is his sense of humor.

In an art world, where everything is so huffy and arty, he doesn't take him self too seriously at all.  Which I love.

I also love that he creates such complexity with such simplicity!

Who else can take dots and lines and turn them into very clear images.

And there is an ambiguity to his works that really intrigues me and appeals to me.  It gets me going!

And the drama!  In works like Drowning Girl (above), there is SUCH drama!  She's drowning in her tears over Brad!  That jerk!  But what did he do?  That's the ambiguity that I love. 

Some of my favorite works of his are his cubist subjects like this Cubist Still Life (1974)... Thick and thin lines create an entire dialoge with limited colors creating an entire story.  Its simplicity is brilliant to me.

Cubist Still Life (1974)

Yellow Still Life (1974)  Two colors (Yellow and Beige) plus black and white... brilliant!
Yellow Still Life (1974)

Still Life with Glass & Lemon (1974)

And, quite possibly, my all-time favorite work of his...

Red Lamps (1990), from his Interior series.

Your art history lesson for the day...


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