Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Salt. Optics

Did I tell you that I'm old?

And so, I need glasses...

Between the knitting, reading and computing, my tired eyes need some love... and some style!

These are my new Salt Optics Bre in Toffee Tortoise Pink!

I love them.

They're nice and sturdy but lightweight!

Their Mission Statement says it all! -

"... for people who like simple things made well."

That sounds like something El Hub would say.  He loves function over fashion.
We also feel that it's important to us to support local/small business and Salt. is out of Orange County, too! 

Yay!  Now I can knit/blog/read clearer!

(And, no... I'm not being paid to say all this.  These weren't free.  I just like them and thought I'd share.)


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  1. Love love love your stuff...... you are sooooo talented Lucy! Miss ya girl.... :) Carrie S.