Monday, July 23, 2012

Plymouth Patterns - 2094 Woman's Cabled Vest Pattern

And this is done!

I finished this one awhile ago and am barely getting around to posting it now!

This was a birthday gift for my MIL!

knit in Encore Worsted (Color # 999).

This is a gorgeous deep wine/burgundy/maroon and I knit this in size Medium!

It fits her so well!

She was a good sport to be my model (especially in 85 degree weather!)

Looks good, huh?!

This pattern really is very easy and works up nicely and quickly!

I think it took me a full month to finish and I probably would have finished it sooner if I did not have 3 projects going all at the same time!

I really like this Encore yarn.  It lays nicely.  It's easy to work with.  

It just does it's job!

My button holes!

Ok... so a word on the pattern.

If the pattern tells you to do something (anything!)... just do it!

Even if you think it seems odd or wrong. 

I thought I'd be smart and creative and follow the Cable Pattern all the way to the end of the rows, even though the pattern CLEARLY states to end the rows with something else that I can't remember now that is definitely different than what I did. 


In doing so, I set myself up for weirdness later when it was time for me to add the collar to the body!

In the end, it ended up being ok but I can see how the other way (the way the pattern SAID to do it!) would have been easier. 



Garter Stitch Collar!

I really enjoyed working on this one.  It's a quick & easy project...

and you know I love my cables!



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