Thursday, June 26, 2008

Interweave Frenchy Camisole

Yay! On to the next project!!!

This is for a birthday present (due next month) and I'm gettin' a head start!

This Interweave Frenchy Camisole seems fairly easy enough and should work fast since it's just St st (knitting in the round every row)!

I LOVE this nude-pink color and have really been into these neutral colors for summer time!

I tried to find yarn in the nude/blush pink/taupe color and finally settled on the Bernat Organic Natural Cotton in 'Hemp' color.

I like that it seems to change as I work it... sometimes I see it as taupe color. Last night I saw it as a greyish nude (it could be that my eyes were tired too...) ;-)

Anyway, with a pretty white or blush pink lacy-tank underneath, I think it'll be perfect!!!


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