Thursday, March 26, 2009

Twinkle Big City Knits - Tuxedo Jacket


I finished this Tuxedo Jacket and it came out great!!!!

I promise I will get hubby to take pics of me wearing it so you can see what it looks like on!

First off... sorry this took so long. It's not that this pattern is hard or that it takes forever to work...

It's that I am in school and school is kicking my butt!

But my time there is (hopefully) almost done and then I can get back to my knitting!

So, I used Lion's Wool-Ease Thick & Quick in Cranberry.

I was hoping it would be ok enough even though it's only 20% wool (80% acrylic) instead of the full 100% wool.

One skein of Lion T&Q is 6oz/170g... After doing some research, it seems the Twinkle yarn is 7oz/200g.

Not that I'm avoiding buying the Twinkle yarn... just that I'm an "instant gratification" girl...

I don't wanna order yarn to sit and wait for it to come...

I wanna just have it! :-P
Anyway, overall, it came out great and it fits well! YAY!

Again, thanks to the great folks on the forum. I wasn't figuring out the whole yo, k1, yo mess til I went to them for help! :)

I sewed up those holes which really bum me out. If I do make this again (and I totally would) I'm not sure how I'd get around the holes. But sewing 'em up works just as well.

No more holes! Yay!

Looks better, right?
Always a cable with Twinkle! ;-)


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