Thursday, April 9, 2009

Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer 2009

The new issue of Vogue Knitting is out now!!!!

You know I love my mags and I love Spring! So this is a double-YAY!

Um, pretty much EVERYTHING below excites me... (sweater in lower left corner, in particular)
And another Twinkle pattern! YAY!!!!!! (One is Anna Sui and one is Twinkle. Tough call but I'm guessing the tank on the right is Twinkle? We'll see!).
This makes me particularly happy cause just about a month ago, I popped into American Apparel and was completely fascinated with their new Circle Vest!

I LUV (with a capitol "L") AA and I think it's cause I get such a kick outta how simple their clothes are and yet, you can do so much with them. They get so creative with one piece of long fabric!

Anyway, after I'd seen their circle vest, I looked everywhere for a circle vest pattern and found a few interesting things, but eventually was over it...

Well thank God, cause now here's this! YAY!
Happy Knitting!


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