Thursday, October 29, 2009

Urban Knitting Studio - San Francisco, CA

Ahhh... Urban Knitting Studio.

This, by far, was my FAVORITE of the three shops I saw today.

This shop is everything I love.

Sleek, Modern, Minimalist.

It's like going to your uber-cool friend's loft-house to knit and drink martinis.

It's hard to see from this pic but, below, on the wall inside, is a "Wall of Manos" (Manos del Uruguay)...

And it's GORGEOUS!
This owner was soooo nice and helpful.

Not to mention incredibly chic and urban-stylish.

Very few can make black skinnies and a black v-neck fitted sweater look so hip and stylish.

Anyway, I asked her my question that I ask everyone "Do you have Twinkle?"

And she did!!!

Ahem... but only 3 skeins.

But that's good!

She went on to tell me all about how hard it's been for her to get the Twinkle.

She also showed me the Twinkle sample yarn booklet and had me compare it to the Cascade Magnum to see that the Magnum's a good substitute (and much easier to find!).

I feel like I learned a lot from her about seeing color in the sunlight and about yarn that's loosely woven.

I wouldn't say her yarn was expensive. I think one skein of Twinkle was about $22.00 bucks, which I think is about what I paid at the cute Strands and Stitches in Laguna (the only other store I've found that had it - and she also only had a few skeins of only one color). Fairly average priced, if you ask me!

And she has quite a large selection of a lot of different types of yarn. The entire store walls are filled with beautiful yarns.

I really enjoyed this shop and am bummed I'm not closer as I'd love to take a class of hers.

While I was in there, she was helping someone with something. I couldn't quite tell what it was but I could see it looked intricate and beautiful.

Check out her blog, too!

She's got some fun stuff on there and I'll be checking out regularly!


I was so excited about this one I forgot to mention...

This one's in the Hayes Valley 'hood which, according to her site, is one of the few remaining 'hoods in SF that supports small business.

Which is probably another reason I felt so good in this shop... as we support small business too! :)

This one's off Fell and Gouge in a cute little area.
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