Monday, December 21, 2009

Knitting my butt off... (still)

Have you ever said to yourself,
"Geez... If I only had more time, I'd finish more/all of my knitting projects..."

Well, let's see here.

Catch a terrible flu and get so sick you have to be home in bed for two weeks.  :-(

I am sick.  And while it's terrible and I have missed a TON of work,

I am soooo caught up on my knitting!

(Thank God my arms still work.)

Made one more My Kind of Cowl (for my MIL):

Made three Ed's Hats:

Finished more Dishtowels:

And started the Spud & Chloe Braided scarf...

Also finished my Christmas presents for the kids!

I made them their own Journals and Stationary!

Robots for Andrew...

Guitars and Retro for Trenton...

Beachy Surf for Miss Anna...

and Wine Tags for their mom!

I also finished the Marian cowl which I will post pics of, as soon as I get outta bed.



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