Thursday, October 28, 2010

New Magazine!

A new magazine!!!  YAY!!

You know I love my mags...  So naturally I was super excited when I saw this Knitting today!

I'm always happy to see any new take on knitting and patterns.

This is a holiday issue so a lot of it is 'wintery' stuff...

But there are some cute things in there, like this Miss Susie Scarf Wrap.

And I do like how the pattern gives additional instructions to make it 'adult' size (not just kid size).

This 'Chi-Chi Slouchy Beret' hat is cute.  (Is that supposed to be like "she-she"?  Or "shi-shi"?)

I have hats on the brain as I'm thinking ahead to mass quantity Christmas presents.

Last year, it was the Cowl that everyone got for Christmas (well... the gals, at least).

I was reading the latest issue of People StyleWatch (yes, I love it!) and apparently slouchy knit hats are in this season (like what cowls were to last winter season).

Which is nice cause I can definitely power out the hats.



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