Saturday, October 23, 2010

Knit Placemats - 1950's retro table!


Did I tell you we got a new dining room table?!

El Hub were up in Fullerton, exploring downtown when we came across this lil vintage shop where our table was waiting for us!

And I love it!!!

It's very retro.

It is an original table from the 1950's and it's in great condition, from the original owners!

Of course, now I feel we need some great placemats to go with it!

I'm liking these "Choose Your Own Adventure" from KnitPicks.
(anyone remember the old "Choose your own adventure" books from childhood?  
Or am I totally dating myself?)  :)

And I'm really liking these "Seedy Diner" placemats from Craft Leftovers!
They're really cute and pretty much what I had in mind!

OMG... and look at these!  I know these aren't knit but...

They're so cute!

These are from Swizzlestix, which has a TON of cute retro fun patterned stuff!


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