Sunday, January 9, 2011

Spud & Chloe Heart on a String Hat (without the heart on a string)

Pattern: Spud & Chloe Heart on a String Hat

    * Spud & Chloe Sweater in 7514 (Turtle)
    * Small Balls (Yarn Candy - Pick Up Sticks) in Moss
Needles: Size 11 - 16" circular needles

So this one's for my nephew.  He loves his RC Cars (radio controlled cars) and had asked a couple of months ago if I could make him a beanie with "RC" on it.

Unfortunately, my "R" and "C" are a bit further apart than I would have liked...

But hopefully he won't care and he'll like it and wear it!

I really liked this Spud & Chloe Sweater yarn (another excuse to try this yarn!).  It does not shed or get linty.  It's really soft and feels great in the hands!  I'll be curious to hear how it washes.  I should chuck in the washer myself just to see what happens to it but I'd kinda like to just get it off to him. 

They had this yarn (at my LYS) called Small Balls (Yarn Candy) and it was perfect for the letters cause I didn't need much and I didn't wanna buy a whole skein just for 2 letters.

It worked out perfectly and I have quite a bit leftover!  Maybe I'll crochet a flower outta it or something...

Here's what the inside looks like: 

I used graph paper to make my chart out... 

I wish I had made my letters just a lil bit smaller and definitely a bit closer!

Oh well...

Now I know for next time! 



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