Sunday, August 28, 2011

Friends TV Series - Rachel's Heart Sweater

As some of you know, we don't have TV.
No!  We're not snobby pretentious a-holes!

We're just not TV watchers.

We'd just rather be knitting, reading, computing or out cocktailing.


From time to time, I do need to tune out and that's when I'll throw a DVD into the laptop.

Lately, I've been watching Friends and I came across this cute sweater on "Rachel" from Season 3, Episode 4 ("The One with the Metaphorical Tunnel").

I think this sweater is so cute and it would be perfect to wear on Valentine's Day! (which I know is like 1/2 a year away...)  :)

Seems easy enough to make. 

I found this cute sweater pattern from the Loop-d-Loop book (which, by the way, was 3.00 bucks at the Borders blowout sale!).

I'd like to try and make this Friends heart sweater.  Will let you know if I do!



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