Thursday, December 22, 2011

Pong Sweater Vest (Berroco Peter Easy Pattern)

And, this is done...

I have to admit, this one kinda put me off knitting (and blogging!) for awhile! 

Well, for about a week anyway.

El Hub has been asking me to make him a sweater vest since FOREVER and when I finally agreed to make him one, he upped the stakes and decided he wanted a sweater vest with a retro video game image on it.

So of course I said Yes...

I'll do anything for that man.


He wanted to wear this to his company holiday party and even though I started this a month and a half in advanced, I still found myself doing a power knitting session at the last minute and was literally sewing it together as we were driving to the party!
My hands & arms were killing me!

But 2 advils and a glass of red wine, and I was good!


I found a free sweater vest pattern on the Berroco site and decided to go with this Peter Easy men's sweater vest pattern.

Since I settled on a Berroco pattern, I thought I'd check out the Berroco yarn and even though this pattern calls for Berroco Pure Merino, I decided to use the Berroco Vintage.

It's a Medium Weight yarn (4) and even though the pattern calls for size 8 needles, I ended up using size 7 needles instead, after doing my swatch. (Yes!  I am FINALLY swatching!  I'm lazy no more!)


Putting the Pong design on the sweater was fairly easy.
I used graph paper to draw out my design and then hoped for the best in terms of getting it right in the middle (between the ribbing and the V-neck).

I used a Berroco white and grey and it didn't take much at all!

Wound my skeins using the winding a center pull ball video!

I'd already done this once before a couple of years ago when I made that Relay for Life scarf with space invaders, pong, & Pac Man images!

El Hub found this image for me to go off of.

I've never even played this game!

This is El Hub's "Data Center".

This is where he controls EVERYTHING.

Do Not touch his cables and wires. 

He has them all strategically placed exactly where he wants them.



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