Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Yarn Lady Asymmetrical Vest

And this is done!

I bought this pattern from The Yarn Lady, oh let's see...

Um 2 years ago!

This pattern is sooooo easy and I have no excuse for why it took me so long to finish, other than that I distract easily. 


This vest is worked in three simple parts.

Start with the back, then make the right side, and then make the left side!

(When I assembled my sweater, I thought my right side was sewn came out a bit wonky but after looking at the pattern picture above, I think it's naturally wonky!


And it's all Rib and knit one row, purl one row!  With some decreases thrown in there!

So Simple!

I used the Stitch Nation Bamboo Ewe in Mercury and while I think this yarn is perfectly acceptable, I would like to make this vest again with a bit of a higher quality yarn.

I'm really working hard on keeping my insides clean with now random strands hanging out!

Looks wonky, no?

As you can see on my model, here...

This vest should drape loosly and freely.

I think I'll wear this with a black tank underneat and my cuffed boyfriend jeans & my red TOMS!

What would you wear it with?



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