Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Yarn Crawl L.A. County 2012!!!!

It's almost time!!!!!


LA's first ever Yarn Crawl and I am sooooo excited!

It runs for four days, from Thursday April 12th to Sunday April 15th and my MIL and I are hoping to go AT LEAST two days!

We'll have to be strategic in our mapping!


And I love this fun happening!

Three yarn shops in Claremont have gotten together to do a Pattern Crawl!

Each one of the three shops will have a part of the shawl pattern.  Purchase one ball of yarn from each one of the shops to complete the shawl!

Brilliant and too fun!!!

Unfortunately, Claremont is on the opposite end of town from where we'll be but I'd love see the shawl and I hope someone will post their experience after the weekend is up!

I'm really looking forward to this Yarn Crawl.  We'll be in the South Bay/Santa Monica area throughout the weekend.

Are you going?

If so, what shops will you be at?



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