Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sunny San Diego...

Pacific View Inn
El Hub took a week off from work and we decided to have a mini-'staycation'...

He went to school down in San Diego and lived in Pacific Beach (PB) during his college days and a bit after.

It was his perfect bachelor dream time.

Surf all day...  Party all night!

He misses it soooooooo much.

So it was nice to spend a few days there in PB.

The Pacific View Inn was perfect and he was able to literally sit up in bed, look out the window and see the waves.

We took Peanut to Sea World and the San Diego Zoo, both of which I really liked and neither of which Peanut gave two cares about.

But that's ok.  He still had a good time exploring PB and playing in the sand.

Peanut on one of dad's boards...

Sunset from our room.

Kono's for breakfast!  El Hub's old 'morning after' hangover cure house.

Sea World


At the San Diego Zoo!

Meerkats sunning themselves!

When else am I ever going to see a Polar Bear!

Seals in La Jolla


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