Sunday, October 21, 2012

My next project!!!

Yay!  A new project to work on!  

I know I'm supposed to be powering through Christmas socks but I need a break from those!

So I'm starting this... 

I made my gauge last night and am starting on this one today!

Popped into The Yarn Lady yesterday with mom for their 20% off EVERYTHING sale!

This sweater sample was knit up and just lying there on a table, waiting to be cooed over!

Mom and I both thought it'd be perfect for Peanut.

I like to see Peanut in blues and greens so I chose light & dark blue for his sweater 
(instead of the very Christmas-y red & green above).

Colors (L-R): 08 Navy, 032 Sky, 101 Fresh Cream

I've used the Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino before and it's a lovely yarn. 

It works well and doesn't unravel.  It's quite nice in the hands and on the needle.

My mom fell in love with how soft it is! 

How cute is that little man above!

Does it almost make me want another one?




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