Wednesday, February 6, 2013

PurlBee Whitney's 70's Ski Hat

Yay!  Another project done!


I know... I've been terrible about posting lately
(so much for my New Year's resolution of posting daily!)
I know my excuses are weak but...
we've been up north for two weeks (yes, I know... the laptop DOES work up north as well!)
and we've been sick!
Anyway, this here hat is for my FIL (Father-in-Law) for his birthday!
(Ahem... which was a month ago).

This is the PurlBee Whitney's 70's Ski Hat and it came out beautifully!
I'm really proud of this one!

I know that must sound silly but it really did come out quite nicely!

I used three skeins of the Cascade 220 in these dark charcoalie greys...
(I bought this yarn while up north and can't find the tags anywhere!)
and one skein of the Cascade 220 Fingering! (for the inside).

I love these gorgeous murky greys... They're so stormy...

This pattern calls for a Provisional Cast On and 
Techniques with Theresa from Knitty! 

There are plenty of tutorials on the old YouTube as well but I found this one to be super simple to follow!

I ended up buying this needle set
(yes!  I know!  More needles!  That's pretty much what El Hub said, too).

These tips are shorter than the other Dreams Interchangeable set,
which is helpful when working with the 16" cord!

If you hook the regular tips up to a 16" cord, and then try to join your knitting in the round, it won't work because the longer tips are too long and don't bend! Only the cord will bend!

So, this pattern calls for size 7 needles but,
my knitting is sooooooo LOOSE that I ended up going down to size 4!

(ie-I made this hat with size 4 circular needles)!

Yes... I am a loose knitter.


I bought these at Purlescence in Sunnyvale and this set was about 60.00ish bucks. 

Yes... I know that sounds like a lot.

But for 7 needles... I think it's ok.

Speaking of Purlescence...
They were sooooooo helpful to me with regards to my gauge.

I'm not kidding when I tell you that I learned soooooooo much in just the 5 minutes I'd been there...
and I've been knitting since forever!

I'll be writing up another post about what I learned but basically, the biggest thing I learned is...
Check Your Gauge!!!!!!!!!!
Don't be lazy (like me...).  Just do it.

They have a funny saying there that goes something to the affect of...
You can make something for anyone... Or you can make something for someone...
ie- if you don't check your gauge, what you make may fit who knows who...
but if you do your gauge, it'll fit YOU! (or whoever you're making it for).

See Exhibit A:


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