Sunday, March 10, 2013


Good Morning!  Happy Sunday!

El Hub (and Peanut) requested pancakes for breakfast
(actually, they wanted Pancakes for Dinner last night!) and I've been wanting to 
try this recipe for awhile, so today was the day. 

You know I love my Popsugar and I read it daily. 

I'm also always looking for a way to perfect my pancakes...

When I saw the subject title say "The Only Buttermilk Pancake Recipe You'll Ever Need",
I thought, 'we'll see about that!'

And you know what... 

these were pretty darn perfect!

Now... I usually have buttermilk in the fridge but a certain someone who shall remain 
nameless took to cleaning out the fridge and tossed said buttermilk.

So I checked out the YouTube and found many videos that say the way to make it is with Milk and White Vinegar!

The ratio is 1:1

So I used 2 cups of Whole Milk and 2 tablespoons of distilled white vinegar. 

These pancakes were the fluffiest of any pancakes I've ever made!

And you know how you usually have to toss the first one...

With this batch, I didn't!


The only thing I will add next time... 



Happy Sunday.


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