Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Yarn Crawl LA 2014 - The Yarnover Truck!

I can not believe I have never posted about the fabulous Yarnover Truck!!!

I've visited it so many times and it's pretty much awesome.


On this first day of the Yarn Crawl, they were outside of A-Major Knitwork all day and they were featuring a Blue Sky and Spud and Chloe trunk show!

The gals that drive "Debbie" (the blue truck) around town are so nice and they will help you with anything!

Inside the truck is just enough of everything one might need to start a project... ie -

Project Bags
And probably something else I'm forgetting... 


Even Peanut was excited to see Debbie and he said, "The yarn truck is here!!!"

He loves to go up and down those stairs... (over and over).

The Yarnover Truck is always somewhere fabulous and check their calendar for their next location!



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