Monday, April 21, 2008

Lion Prayer Shawl (Knit)


A new project!!!

So, I am making this Prayer Shawl for little niece's First Communion coming up in a couple of weeks!

Now I'm in a hurry to finish that hooded baby wrap so I can get started on this (and cause babies grow fast)!

There's 2 versions to this... either Knit or Crochet.

I'm doing the knit patter since my crochet tension is always soooooo loose and everything I crochet comes out like a big mesh bag. :-(

This pattern calls for the Lion Nature's Choice Organic Cotton yarn but I'm using the Lion Cupcake (cause I think it's pretty and cause I love the word 'Cupcake')!

Both are Medium Worsted-Weight, so the Cupcake should work the same as the Nature's Choice.

Seem's like it'll work fast! Just calls for size 10.5 needles and 5 balls of yarn!


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