Friday, April 18, 2008

Lion Hooded Baby Wrap


After finishing the Lion Hoodie, I was gonna go back to the Twinkle Hoodie, just to finish and be done with it (and cause Hubby is getting sick of seeing that big bag-o-yarn sitting in the closet)...

But it was like a thousand degrees out and I just couldn't bring myself to keep working on a double-yarn chunky thick sweater!

And since I have a TON of this Lion Baby Soft in Bubble Gum, I thought I'd start another project for the new baby in the family!

This is working fairly easy so far. A good beginner's project for learning increasing and decreasing!

And the nice thing is, it only requires a pair of size 9 needles and a yarn needle for sewing the hood to the body! :)

Here's how far I am... This is at about 10 in. I need to get to 20 in before beginning to decrease.

YARN: Lion Babysoft in Bubble Gum

NEEDLES: size 9 reg

ETC: Yarn Needle


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