Saturday, August 2, 2008

Interweave Frency Camisole

And, of course...

I finished this project, and forgot to take a picture of it before giving it to my sis-in-law for her birthday!


I'll have to see if I can get a pic of her in it! :)

It actually came out really cute!

The back came out way too big so I folded it over and secured it with a cute big white button and used pink thread! Very cute and feminine!

I put a simple white lacey tank (from Target) under it and it's so cute!

I think she can wear it with jeans or a nice skirt!

I did wash this before I gave it to her and it washed well! The skein wrap says to wash delicately and dry on a low cycle. I washed it with soft whites and then let it air dry on the table. It was fine!

Happy Birthday Sis-in-Law! :)


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