Saturday, August 2, 2008

Twinkle Hats

These hats are for hubby's BFF... I'd made him a hat as his Best Man present for our wedding and it was from a crochet pattern from the Stitch 'n Bitch Happy Hooker book and the hat (& pattern) are really cute. But my crochet comes out too loose! ANYTHING I make in crochet comes out too loose!

So I've abandoned crochet all together and have focused on knitting ever since!

We saw hubby's BFF back in May and in his cutest most polite way, he asked if the hat I'd made him was fixable. When he pulled it outta his bag, I almost died! It'd stretched out sooooo much (it was Stretch n' Bitch!) it looked like one of those macrame plant holders you'd hang in your backyard!

I promised him I'd make him new hats and so here they are!

First is the Snowcap hat from Twinkle's Weekend Knits (pattern on pg. 84).

This hat I kept for myself. It came out too big (cause I cast on extra stitches!) so I thought it'd be good for reducing hat-hair during the winter.

I love how "Dr. Zhivago" it looks.

This hat is supposed to be cast on with 36 stitches. With this one, I cast on 40... I couldn't find my 16" circular needles at the time and only had the size 17 -24" circular. So more stitches was easier! Anyway, I kinda like how big it is!

This hat works fast cause it's an easy pattern.

I've looked everywhere for errata on this book and can't seem to find any! Thank God!

This is the hat that was sent off to hubby's BFF. This is done to pattern.
Cast on 36 stitches and done with the correct Size 17 - 16" circular needles (which I found!). It's still big, which it's supposed to be!

Finally, the Twinkle Pilot hat from Twinkle's Big City Knits (pattern on pg. 94).

This pattern (and this whole book) is packed full of errata, but it is updated (and as recent as 4/08).

This hat also came out a bit big cause I also added stitches to it!

It calls for casting on 32 stitches and I cast on 36 cause the 1st time I made this hat, and followed the pattern, it came out so tiny, it didn't even fit the head of my little 3 yr old God-Daughter!

Anyway, I didn't add the sides or the top pom-pom cause I didn't think a grown man would want that on his new better-fitting hat.


(Yarn used - Lion Wool Ease Thick & Quick in Navy)


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