Saturday, May 2, 2009

Lion - Ed's Hat (pattern 80200AD)

Ed's Hat
This hat is a (belated) birthday gift for BFF's brother, who goes camping & hunting a lot.

But like, for real... like in the real mountains with bears and animals & stuff...

He and his hunting buddies were stuck in the zero degree wilderness once, and he needed a good hat!

Well hopefully here it is!

So, this is Ed's Hat from the Lion site (Free Patterns! YAY!)

This hat pattern comes from the little story "Ed's Hat: Form, Function and Ultimate Winter Warmth" (By: Michelle Edwards)
With that title, I thought this hat would be perfect for him!

It's a cute story and hopefully perfect for his next camping/hunting trip!

There are no specifications for end measurements but here's how this one came out!

(That's my pink Nordie's measuring tape from the Lingerie dept! )

I used the Lion Wool-Ease Thick & Quick in True Black and my Circular size 13 - 16" needles.
I don't have double-pointed needles (and don't intend to buy any 'cause they intimidate my pants off...)

The circular needles worked just fine. It was a bit tight at the end but it worked, and tight is good for me since my tension tends to be a bit loose anyway!


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