Sunday, May 17, 2009

Relay For Life Scarf

Relay For Life 24-hour walk (Newport Harbor High)

Hubby's office participated in the Relay for Life walk for the American Cancer Society this weekend!

It was a 24 hour walk around the track at Newport Harbor High School and his office (along with other companies & organizations) scheduled blocks of time to walk around the track.

The Newport Fire Dept. walked the track the entire time in their full fire gear!

Thank God for Firemen! ;-)

Hubby wanted to schedule his walk from 3-5:00 a.m. and I said "have fun!" :)

He ended up putting us in for 9p - Midnight cause he wanted to see the luminaria ceremony.

Hubby's office raised quite a bit of money and the company matched it! Yay!

To raise money, the office had a raffle and hubby volunteered a scarf, made by me!

This was supposed to be done about 2 weeks ago but since school has been my #1 priority these days, I just started the scarf this past weekend!

I was a bit nervous & hesitant to start this cause this pattern is truly 'from scratch'.

I've always wanted to make my own patterns and so here's my chance!

Hubby drew out the designs of how he wanted the scarf to look...

Then I drew them out on grid paper and cleaned up the edges.

Then I just started knitting.

For every row I knit, I write it down (tho I now wish I'd been typing this whole time, as opposed to hand writing).

The Android... He's cute!

The Blob-y guy!

After the Pac Man, I'll do 3 more designs.

Not sure how long this scarf will end up being,
but hopefully long enough to get twice around the neck!

Here are some pics from our walk Saturday night.

The luminaria thing was beautiful, but sad.

For every candle (bag) lit, represents someone who is either struggling with Cancer, or has lost their battle to it.


This is hubby and I, with our 'flair'

The whole track was lit with beautiful candles.

The Mutt Lynchs tent. By far, the best 'party' tent. And, of course, hubby's office's tent was right next to it! ;-)

Love the Disco Ball...


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