Thursday, July 16, 2009

Guest Blogger Sidse - Rosa Scarf with Bubbles

I met the lovely Sidse (who is from Denmark) while she was vacationing here in the US!

We thought it'd be fun if she could guest-blog since she is an avid crocheter and it would be great to get something other than knitting in this joint!

So... Without further ado...

Rosa Scarf with Bubbles

I crochetted this scarf for my friend Eva on a trip to Berlin with my mum, using this pattern

(not available in English)

Unfortunately, my mum, the oracle of knitting, talked me into making it slightly longer (with 3 extra rows of bubbles), and it just didn’t get as nice as on the pic. I also left out a fury thread, which also contributed to the scarf not looking exactly as the picture.

Lessons learned: Respect the pattern!


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