Thursday, October 15, 2009

Chemo Caps!

And, these are done...

I wanted to hurry and power through these so my friend could have them before her chemo/radiation starts. :(

This hat is sewn with felt and the pattern is from
It was so easy to make!

It actually is really cute and I wouldn't mind having one for myself. ;-)
Yes, I'm using the gorgeous Villory & Boch vase I got as a Graduation gift as my head model. :+)

This hat is also from and the pattern is quick and easy!

I made (2) two of these hats, both with random yarn I had left over from my cleaning the other day.

This yarn was a bit of a pain in the butt to work with, 'cause it's not easy to see what you've done (ie - k2, p2 rib) and I found I just couldn't see clearly with it.

But I knit loosely with it, which seemed to help a bit.

I wanted to use it, though 'cause it is really soft which is perfect for sensitive scalps.

I hope she likes these.

I popped 'em in yesterday's mail so hopefully she will get them tomorrow!

I am also working on a Prayer Shawl for her.

This pattern is from Bernat, which I found in their current Newsletter regarding Breast Cancer Awareness!
Now, it has been a Thousand years since I've crochet so I was kinda bummed and kinda excited (yes, at the same time) to see this pattern is in crochet.

So far, so good. It's like riding a bike. I was a lil wobbly at first, but am steady now.
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