Thursday, October 29, 2009

Live! from San Francisco, CA

Am up in fabulous San Francisco as hubby had to come up for work...

And I had to come up and join him. (To make sure he's ok...)


Those who know me well know that S.F. is my ALL TIME favorite city in the whole wide world.

Now... I've been to my fair share of cities (NY, Chicago, London, Paris, Florence) and San Francisco continues to be my favorite.

I love it and can't get enough of it!

For me, it feels like home. I am most comfy in this beautiful city.

It's easy to navigate, either by walking or by bus (the #22 up & down Fillmore has the killer view closer to Lombard).

There's great food everywhere (North Beach, Chinatown, etc).

Cute shops and classic architecture.

This time, I decided to do a knitting shop tour of the city.

I found these shops per Yelp.

First up: Atelier Yarns off Divisadero and California, in the Pacific Heights 'hood.This shop is small inside but it has a ton of yarn and books!

The owner is very kind and she took time to answer my questions.

My first question, always, is "Do you have any Twinkle yarn?"

As usual, the answer is "no" but the owner of this shop took time to show me some alternatives and she suggested the Cascade Magnum Yarn.

She had a sample sweater knit in this Cascade Magnum yarn and it was beautiful!

So thick & chunky! :)I was impressed with her use of space in her small shop and more impressed that, when you first enter, the yarn is in order, along the walls, by smallest/lightest to thickest & chunkiest.

Also great is that on the front of each bin for yarn, she has a little tag with:
  • Brand Name
  • Price
  • Yarn Yardage
  • Yarn Weight
  • Price
All important info!

Easy to see & then you don't have to ask.

I was also impressed with her pattern section. She has a whole wall in the back with pattern books and small booklets.

Quite a bit from Debbie Bliss and Louisa Harding.

I enjoyed this shop and would definitely go there for a knitting class!


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