Thursday, January 28, 2010

Gotta Knit! (Murray Hill - Manhattan, NY)

Today, I went over to Gotta Knit!

This is by far one of the more unique shops I've been in!

It's on the 5th floor of a building on 34th Street and to get up to the 5th floor, you open that door below and get into an elevator!!!

I love it!  I felt like "Get Smart"!

(I know... I'm from California, ok?!  We just don't have these kinds of things there...)  :)


This space looks like maybe it's two offices on a small floor.  One office is Gotta Knit! and the other is an acupuncture office!


Even though this space is small, they did a great job with organizing it. 


These yarns are organized by size (weight) but for some reason, it's the way the had the colors grouped that really caught my eye!
If you are looking for specific color or 'colorful' color, then this is the shop for you!
The gal was very nice and she was helping someone who was looking to start a cowl project!

They had a sample vest that I really liked and she said they will give the pattern, with purchase of yarn.

The cool thing about them, though is that they set themselves apart by customizing patterns to your specific sizing!

And/or, if you have a pattern idea in mind... if you buy the yarn there, they'll help you with the pattern!  They'll help you make the pattern!

I love it!

The yarn that I saw the most there was the Trendsetter yarn.  I didn't see pricing on any of the tags so it's hard to say if it was expensive or not. 

They had a nice sized selection of notions (needles, etc) and the way they had it organized was cute.  They have them hanging on a bamboo-ish wall separator.  Cute!

I really liked this store.  I like their concept of customization.  :)

Gotta Knit! is at 14 East 34th Street (between 5th & Madison Ave) in the Murray Hill area (right down the street from the Empire State Building!)


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