Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Knitty City (Upper West Side - Manhattan, NY)

My last stop today was at Knitty City.

I have to admit (and I know this is gonna sound nuts, but...) I was so excited about this one 'cause the shop name is sooooo cute!


I didn't dislike this store.  It just wasn't my favorite.

This shop is packed!  Every inch of space has been filled with something.  Anything!

The store was packed with people, as well (which is nice to see).

They were as busy as all get out!

They have a table up front (can kinda see below) where two mothers were teaching their kids how to knit (cute).

In the back, there was another table filled with a class or a knitting circle.

I wanted to ask about the mohair and a customer ended up helping me out!

It was a bit chaotic in there.

Oddly enough, this is the one store that sells the Twinkle! 

$20.00 bucks is by far one of the better prices I've seen for this yarn.  Unfortunately, I'm so turned off by it now, I didn't buy any (after searching for it all this time!).

They also had the Cascade Magnum which was $22.00/skein.

It was so tight in there, I didn't stay long.

They do have a pattern book section but it was so hard to get to, I didn't even try.

Knitty City is located at 208 West 79th Street (between Amsterdam & Broadway) in the Upper West Side.


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