Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Annie & Co Knitting (Upper East Side - Manhattan, NY)

Next on my tour is Annie & Co.

This is one of the larger shops I've seen and even though it's in a big of disarray, it has to be one of the funnest shops I've been in!

I know... how can a shop be fun...???!!!

But it was!


First of all, the place was packed.  There were a ton of ladies in there looking for yarn and projects.

I can't tell you how much I love the New York accent.  It's just absolutely fabulous!

Not only how they talk but what they say?!  I love it!

This is the shop you'd go to with your project to sit with fun gals and talk & drink coffee ALL day!!!  (or at least I would, anyway...)  :)


Ok, so the shop itself...

They have a TON of yarn!  It is organized by weight or size (ie - chunkiest yarns to smallest light weight yarns).   Each skein's tag is marked with a price tag which is nice and makes it easy to see how much what is.

They have all kinds of yarn from the Berroco to the Rowan and the Sublime, the Louisa Harding, etc.  You name it!

They were incredibly nice and super helpful.  I told them I'm always looking for the chunkiest yarn (I don't even ask about the Twinkle anymore) and these days I'm also looking for a kid mohair.

She showed me everything she had and also offered that if I didn't see a color I liked, that there might be more downstairs and she would go and look!

Very nice gals.

They have a HUGE selection of patterns and pattern books.  You could sit there for hours looking at it all!

I sat there for awhile talking to a nice fun gal about my Marian cowl (which I was wearing and got lots of compliments on).

She was getting back into knitting after a long time and was nervous and exciting!

She thought the Marian cowl would be a good way to get back into it and I agreed!  :)

If I lived by this shop, I'd absolutely go there (all the time!)  :)

Annie & Co is located at 1323 Madison Avenue (at 93rd Street) in the Upper East Side!


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