Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Woolgathering (Upper East Side - Manhattan, NY)

Today, I headed back up to the Upper East Side to The Woolgathering.

This cute shop is on a beautiful quiet street on the Upper East Side.

Upon entering the shop, I was greeted in an incredibly friendly manner. 

She was super nice and told me to let her know if I needed anything!
(ie - She let me look around without hounding me, yet offered if I needed help.  Nice!)

They have a nice selection of yarns from Cascade to Rowan to Debbie Bliss.

This shop is long and narrow but it is incredibly well organized.  It's easy to see the pricing and yarn type.

She also had a great selection of knitting mags like Vogue Knitting, Debbie Bliss & Knit Simple, as well as a nice wall of notions (needles, etc).

We got into a nice conversation about the Twinkle Soft & Chunky and she confirmed what two others confirmed, which is that the Soft & Chunky isn't the greatest yarn (esp. for the price) and that it does pill. 

She said she would have to sell it for $25.00 a skein in order to make any profit.

Her other big beef with it is that it doesn't come in a ball.  :)

She doesn't carry the Cascade Magnum either as she feels it's also too pricey.

Her substitute for these is the Rowan Big Wool and one skein there sells for $10.00!  (A nice price!  I wish I'd bought a skein!)

I liked this little shop and would absolutely go back (if we lived here!)!

The Woolgathering is located at 318 East 84th Street (between 2nd & 1st Ave) in the Upper East Side!


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