Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Purl Knitting Shop (Soho - Manhattan, NY)

As promised...

A little tour of the knitting shops I've visited while here in New York!

Upon exiting the plane, I immediately went straight to Purl.

As you know, I read the Purl blog religiously!

So I was super excited to come see this shop in person!

It's on a cute little street on the Greenwich Village/Soho border (next to an adorable French cafe!).

Even though it's a small shop, they had a TON of yarn in there!

Of course I asked about my Twinkle Soft & Chunky and they do not carry it.

They did have a nice selection of Cascade Magnum (the Twinkle substitute) and I think it sold for about 22.00, which seems to be average.

The place was packed (for a Wednesday afternoon) and the staff was very nice.

They do offer classes but on the basics (like beginning knitting and learning to increase decrease).

When I told the gal that I'm visiting from outta town and looking for something to do, she offered that I'm welcome to come with a project and just sit and knit all day!


I'll be here one more week so I'd love to take her up on that offer.

Purl is located at 137 Sulllivan Street (between Prince & Houston) in SoHo!

A couple of doors over is Purl Patchwork!

Their cute quilting shop.

(Took this pic for mom)  :)

I love these trap doors on the sidewalks!


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