Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lion Brand Yarn Studio (Flatiron Dist - Manhattan, NY)

On my way back to our hotel, popped into the Lion Yarn Studio!

I could spend hours here (which I think I did) looking at both yarn and patterns!

I think this shop has a great set up with their collection of yarn on the right wall of the shop, and then notions, gadgets and the Yarn Bar on the left wall.

I love that they thought to have 2 computers at the bar so anyone can pull up a chair and browse through the Lion site for a pattern to go with the yarn to buy!

They'll print the pattern out for you and then you can pick out your yarn, needles, etc!


They are very nice and super helpful.

When I was there, the Doctor was In.  The 'Crochet Dr.'

She was at the table in the center of the store helping people with their crochet needs.

(They do also have a Knit Dr. but I'd missed her by a half hour)

They also have a selection of their higher end yarns and it's nice to be able to actually touch and feel them (see them in person)!

The Lion Yarn Studio is at 34 West 15th Street (between 6th & 5th Avenue) in the Flatiron District!

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