Thursday, January 14, 2010

Knitting 321 (Upper East Side - Manhattan, NY)

Made my way to Knitting 321 this afternoon.

 This cute little shop is downstairs!!! (I love this city!)

When we were here in August (2009), I'd been told about the attitude that the Upper East Side can have.

A bit snooty... A bit shi-shi.

Well, walking over to Knitting 321, I was a bit hesitant as I'd never been as far over as 2nd and 1st Avenues.  I just didn't know!

And I'd never walked as far up as 75th Street!

I stopped a nice lady walking her cute lil son home and asked her if I'd be ok walking to 75th St. and 2nd Ave.

She laughed and said (literally): "Oh you're fine.  Do you know you're in the wealthiest zip code here?"

Like I should have know exactly where I am and I should take comfort in this zip code's wealthiness!

What I felt like saying was, "Lady... I'm from California.  Rich or poor, people are nuts!"

But I smiled and said my Thank Yous.  She was nice about it after all.  :)

Ok!  Back to the knitting shop!

This little story does pertain, though to these next two knitting shops (in the Upper East Side), which is why I told it. ;-)

I popped in to Knitting 321 and it's a small little space with the right side wall full of yarn and the left side wall full of pattern samples.

She had some beautiful works in there.

As usual, she will give you the pattern with the purchase of yarn. 

I asked her about the Twinkle and she did have one (ratty old) skein and she was selling it for $25.00 bucks!

We did talk a bit about the yarn and she was one of the first to confirm/tell me that it's not her favorite as it's not very good and it pills.

I was grateful to her for that info.   :)

She does have some nice yarns and they are nice and pricey.

I suppose if you live on the Upper East Side, they are not pricey at all, tho. 


Knitting 321 is at 321 East 75th Street (between 2nd and 1st Avenue).


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