Thursday, January 14, 2010

String (Upper East Side - Manhattan, NY)

Ah, String...

Remember my story about trying to get to 75th St. and 2nd Ave in the Upper East Side?

Well this would have to be the epitome of that story + my experience in the UES.

(You know I try to keep my reviews bias-free and my opinions to myself so I can provide you with 'just the facts' and you can make your own opinions.  Well, if my snarkiness comes out, I'm sorry...)  0:-)

  String is in a beautiful building on a beautiful street in the Upper East Side.
You walk up the stairs and into the double doors.  Then you walk into the door immediately to the right.

 It is a nice-sized shop.  It's almost like a home.  The room that you walk into right away is filled with beautiful yarns and some sample patterns.

If you walk straight back, into the next room, there is a table where two ladies sat working on something.

To the left of that room is a nook where a little office (or register) is. 

There is a room straight back but I couldn't tell what that was.

I was greeted upon entering.  I asked my usual "Twinkle" and "Cascade Magnum" questions, neither of which they had.

I asked about knitting classes and told her since I was from outta town, I'd like to find something to do. 

She said they "don't have classes.  They offer 'private lessons'..."  

Oh... excuse me.

She seemed as annoyed as could be (as if I were asking her math questions) and so she went away and I poked around.

They did have some GORGEOUS yarns and nothing (and I mean nothing!) had pricing on it which reminded me of that old saying: 

If you have to ask how much it is, you probably can't afford it...
 Another lady approached me (prolly to try and get me outta there) and asked if I was ok.

I asked her about one of the patterns that I liked and she started to show me where it was in the pattern book...

and then turned to me and said (not asked, said):
"Do you even know how to knit..."

Ahem... keeping my composure...

I said, 'why yes, actually, I do.'

(Instead of what I really wanted to say, which 
I'll keep to myself as this is family program)

That's when I was done.

I didn't care about patterns.  I didn't care about yarn.

I was done.

I wouldn't buy yarn there if it was .50 cents a skein.
(Sorry... I know... But it's true.)

String is located at 130 East 82nd Street (between Park and Lex).


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