Tuesday, February 16, 2010

NYFW Fall 2010 - Twinkle!

Here it is!!!

Twinkle's Fall 2010 Collection!!!

While not everyone was crazy about it, I found a TON of things I liked about this collection.

And I don't even like Fall!

According to WWD and in Wenlan's words: 

When asked by WWD on her source of inspiration for her fall '10 show, head designer of Twinkle, Wenlan Chia, replied, "A story of hunted romance with a twist of false play."

What does that mean, you say?

Well, I dunno either...  :)

But I like the play between fabrics (knit and non-knit) and even the play between the clothes and the jewelry (which I think are really stand-out! in this collection!)

Nice.  A gorgeous coat.  I love how that collar falls.  I bet when it's buttoned up, it's a fabulous cowl.

Love!  Love!  Love!  What is it?  and how can I make it?!  Is it a big chunky cowl?  A a big chunky scarf?  A wrap?

By far, one of my favorites!  Love the hood.  Love that it's chunky!

Nice.  You know I love that taupe-y color.

Fabulous!!!  I'd love to see it just a lil bit longer ('cause I like to keep my belly hidden).  Love that collar, tho!

Nice!  I like that braided back.

Fabulous!  It's funny how things come along or come together.  I've had "Circle Vest" on the brain since about December.  And here's one now!

And some non-knit things I love:


And here's a nice video:


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