Friday, February 19, 2010

Spud & Chloe Heart on a String Hat


This here's the Spud & Chloe Heart on a String hat and it's adorable.

I'm not gonna lie. This is a Valentine's Day present to myself!

I'm really liking these Spud & Chloe patterns (all two that I've made). 


They work fast and they're simple.  And I learned I-cord, thanks to them!  :)

My heart came out kinda funky, so it's not tacked on.  It'd like to do it over and then sew it on there.

For the hat, I used two strands of this Patons Classic Wool Merino 
and it seems ok.

For the heart, I used some random yarn I found (that doesn't even have a label! - so I dunno what it is...)

I think it's too thin.  I'd like to retry with a thicker yarn.  Or maybe just use 2 strands of that random yarn and see how it comes out.



  1. Hi I just started really getting into knitting and I love the hat! I would totally want to try that some day, and add some pom poms everywhere too!

    Have you tried crocheting? I'm trying to make an amigurumi but mine is turning out terribly :S !

  2. Hi Ms. Champagne!

    This hat was so easy and, you're right! Pom poms would be sooooo cute on it!

    I have crocheted in the past but I've found that my heart leans towards knitting these days. :)

    I'm sure your amigurumi is looking great! Post pics (if you can!)! That's one thing I haven't tried but would like too! :)