Monday, March 8, 2010

Mesh One-Piece Bathing Suit - Sexy Little Knits by Ashley Paige

So... I have joined a knitting group.

After my Yarn Crawl from our recent New York trip, I decided that I'd like to be more involved in my own local knitting community!

And what better way to start than by joining a knitting group!

Two weeks ago, I had popped into my LYS and she had this adorably fabulous one-piece mesh bathing suit sitting out:
When I asked her about it, she mentioned the bathing suit class on Wednesday night!  YAY!

There were two choices.  Either this one-piece or the "Little Mermaid Strapless Top", both from the Ashley Paige book "Sexy Little Knits".

I've decided to start with the Mesh One-Piece.

Ok... here's what's sad.  I've had this book for like seriously about 4 years.  And never once have I used it.  :)

So why not start now!

I'm using (4) four skeins of Cascade's Fixation in Color # 6995 (like a rich Eggplanty Purple!!!).

I paid $5.20/skein at my LYS.

It's a GORGEOUS color and so far, super easy to work with!

The pattern calls for size 6 needles and I'm using Circulars cause I find them easier to work with.
Ok... so here's my tip, from me to you...

Sometimes, when I'm reading a pattern (and especially if I'm tired), it just doesn't make sense, even if it really does.

99.999% of the time, I am just over-thinking it.

So this happened to me last week when I started this pattern.

It starts off simply.
"C/O 80 stitches.  Work in Stockinette for 6 rows..."

Then this is where I go, "huh?":
"Increase 1 stitch at the beginning and end of the next row and every following 6th row 5 times more - 92 (sts)." (page 41)

Now... this is when it becomes like a crazy-a@@ math word problem for me and all of a sudden, it's like I'm 10 years old again and my eyes glaze over.

After the 5th time I read that sentence, I figured it meant to knit 5 rows and each time, increase at beginning and end of each row.

The '6th' row thing was confusing me so I just figured it meant that they really meant to say to do this 6 more times... Right?!

Um, no.

After I started this and got to row #4 of increasing, I realized they mean this:

C/O 80 sts.
Work in Stockinette for 6 rows.

On the 7th row, increase 1 stitch at beginning and end of the row.

Then, do this 5 more times, but every 6th row.

So if you break this rows down to line by line, it's like this:

c/o 80

work in stockinette st for 6 rows

row 1 k
row 2 p
row 3 k
row 4 p
row 5 k
row 6 p

increase (1) stitch at beg & end of next row:
row 7 k - increase (1) at beg & end - 82 sts total

and every following 6th row (5 more times)(92 sts total):
row 8 p
row 9 k
row 10 p
row 11 k
row 12 p
row 13 k 6th row increase - 84 sts total

14 p
15 k
16 p
17 k
18 p
19 k- (6th row increase) - 86 sts

20 p
21 k
22 p
23 k
24 p
25 k- (6th row increase) - 88 sts

26 p
27 k
28 p
29 k
30 p
31 k- (6th row increase) - 90 sts

32 p
33 k
34 p
35 k
36 p
37 k- (6th row increase) - 92 sts total!

This may have totally made sense to you, but it didn't to me (at first)!

Hopefully this helps you if you're as easily confused as I am!!!  :)

And there's nothing wrong with that, either... 




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