Monday, March 29, 2010

Suss Knits!

OMG!  I got to meet Suss!

My good friend Sho and I went to L.A. Monday for a nice afternoon lunch at Milk.
I almost fell out of the car when we drove by the Suss shop, which is just a couple of doors down!

After our nice lunch, we took a walk over to the Suss shop and there she was!

On the phone!


Anyway... sorry if you already know this but I didn't know that she's not selling yarn and patterns anymore!

We had a nice chat with Suss (she's super cool) and she said she's just on to different things now.

She's focused on her shop and selling these beautiful sweaters and accessories.

Gorgeous sweaters and mobius scarves in those beautiful neutrals that I LOVE!

Her shop is neat cause it has a front part where the clothes are hanging (and a couch to relax on while flipping through her pattern books!).  :)

The shop also has a back part with beautiful threads and machinery.  You can tell she does her work there!
I am so glad that I got to meet her!

Fortunately or Unfortunately, I do get a bit star-struck fairly easily...
So I rambled on like a crazy daisy about how I have 3 of her books and about how my very first knitting project was one of her knit kits for a poncho (back when ponchos were ALL the craze!)...


If you have a chance, check out Suss's shop at 7350 Beverly Boulevard, between Martel & Fuller.

And if you have a chance, pop into Milk for a slice of their yummy Blue Velvet Cake!

And if you're lucky, maybe even get to be filmed for a Food Network episode!



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