Wednesday, March 24, 2010

In Progress: Mesh One-Piece Bathing Suite - Sexy Little Knits by Ashley Paige

I'm still working on this!

I've completed the first part of this pattern, which is the bottom (front and back)!

This pattern is very easy, so far.

My only beef right now, is that, with lots of increases and decreases, I wish the book had put how many stitches there should be after every increase (or decrease).

As you know, I'm easily confused... :)

So I broke the pattern down (line by line!) and wrote it all out.  

And, in parenthesis, I put where I should be at, in terms of stitches. 

It's sooooo helpful to me!  :)

Anyway, here I am so far...

Looking at the pic from top to bottom, the top part is the Front of the bathing suit bottom...
And the bottom part of the pic is the back (the behind) of the suit.


Seriously?  Are my buns supposed to fit in this small space?
Am I gonna have to drop like 10 pounds just to put this thing on?



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