Sunday, April 18, 2010

Debbie Bliss Sandal Booties - Booties, Blankets & Bears


I finished the Left Bootie Sandal and this time around, I got smart about it!

I had such a hard time seeing the row that was supposed to be purled with 'row 20' that this time, I weaved a little random yarn through my 'row 13' and it really helped!

 As you know, I have to write things out or I get confused real fast!

So for me, this pattern is broken down like this:
row 12 - Rep 2nd row (k to end, working k1 tbl into ea yo of previous row)

Then these are the 7 from the "Beg with a k row, work 7 rows in St st":
row 13 - k
row 14 - p
row 15 - k
row 16 - p
row 17 - k
row 18 - p
row 19 - k

row 20 = Then "Next row [P next st tog with corresponding st 7 rows below] to end"
So, here I am purling "rows 13 & 20" together:

After the two rows have been purled together 
(before I pulled the random yarn out):

Seems ok, huh?

I hope I haven't made this even more confusing.  This was really helpful to me.

It just helped me to see a bit more clearly!  :)

Here are the other colors I'm using for the Box of Booties!
Should be ok, since we don't know the gender, huh? 



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