Friday, April 23, 2010

Whisk Kid's Rainbow Cake!

So, aside from knitting... one of my other true loves is baking (and dessert in general!)  :)

Well, when my good friend Di watched Martha Stewart's "Color Show" Episode and saw this clip of Whisk Kid's Rainbow Cake, of course she immediately thought of me as:
  1. I LOVE dessert and
  2. I LOVE COLOR!!!
For me, the more colorful, the better!

Must.  Make.  This.  Cake.  ASAP!!!

Thank God Ms. Martha posted that clip online 'cause, as you know, El Hub and I do not have TV...

No.  It's not that we don't have A tv.

We have a TV.  It's just hooked up to one of our MANY laptops.  We have no cable (ie no regular channels... no channels period!)



Along with this here knittin' blog, I also had (or have) a baking blog (as well as a Moustache blog)...

Oh yeah... and a book blog!

But check out Whisk Kid's blog aka Kaitlin Flanner  (it's pretty much fabulous)...

and check out her clip on the Martha Stewart show!



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