Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Vogue Knitting Fall 2010

Fall is coming!!! 

And so is the Fall 2010 issue of Vogue Knitting!

I dunno why I get so excited...

I'm really not crazy about Fall. 

Especially when it was 85 degrees out today!

While I am loving that very 'Hip, British - London' vibe on the cover, nothing from the Fashion Preview really stood out to me.

Except for maybe this Welted Scarf from Project Runway winner
Irina Shabayeva:

And maybe this Textured Cardi from Rebecca Taylor:
 (Tho, I'm  not loving that back bottom slit thingy...) 

Ok... so here's my big beef with this issue...

Where's the Twinkle?!?!

I'd gotten so used to there being at least ONE Twinkle pattern in each issue, that I just expected it for this Fall issue!

I have to admit, it's one of the things that I really look forward to about Vogue Knitting and even if I wasn't crazy about many of the patterns, I'd usually buy the magazine anyway, just for the Twinkle pattern!

(Silly?  Maybe...)  :)

Anyway... maybe she's just super busy and waiting for their Winter issue so she can release another fabulous pattern...


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