Monday, August 16, 2010

Debbie Bliss Bootie Box - Striped Booties (Booties, Blankets & Bears)

Yes!  The project lives on!  :)

Actually, these are done.  Remember how I wanted to have four sets of booties in the Bootie Box?

Well, I started to not feel well around the time that I started this fourth set...

And I ran out of time before the baby shower so I gave her the Bootie Box with just 3 sets and promised to give these at a later time!

These came out pretty cute (and were super easy!!!)

Easy 'cause there's no buttons, no picot edge, no purling rows 13 & 20 together!


I wanted to incorporate all 3 colors from the other 3 sets of booties into this shoe, along with a base color (yellow).

At the time, I didn't know she was having a girl, so I went with the neutrals (yellows & greens).

But I think these work well for a girl and, let's face it...

A girl can NEVER have too many pairs of shoes!!!


and here's links to the other shoes!

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