Tuesday, September 14, 2010

NYFW Spring 2011 - Twinkle by Wenlan Resort 2011 (S2011)

Yay!!!  It's Fashion Week time!

 Twinkle by Wenlan Resort 2011 (From Running with Heels)

One week of looks for looking forward to Spring 2011!

Twinkle went yesterday (Monday, Sept. 13th) and this year, she did a "Presentation" rather than a runway show.

And it seems to be getting great reviews with regards to creativity and functionality of clothes!

So... speaking of...

Um, where's the knits!  (Where's the beef! - Am I totally dating myself there or what?)  

I scrolled through EVERY single slide of the collection and there is nothing knit!
What's the deal?!  I hope she's not quittin' the knittin'...  (hee)
Oh well...

I do love this, though:
I'd absolutely wear that out for a date night at the beach... ;-)

Here's a nice write up on Twinkle's 'presentation' by Cheryl Shops and Running with Heels.



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