Sunday, September 12, 2010

The NYC Yarn Crawl 2010

Gah!  A Yarn Crawl!

Why!  Why am I not in New York!!!

Why, God?!  Why?!

Not only am I missing Etsy's weekly craft nights, but now I'm missing the NYC Yarn Crawl in October (the weekend of my freakin' birthday)!

Honestly!  What in the world?!

Came across this from the PurlBee site (which you know I love and read religiously).

This works well in New York cause you can walk or subway it from uptown to midtown to downtown - no problem!

Here (in So Cal), you need your car to get everywhere and let's face it... There are only 3 LYS in my neighborhood and they're all about 20 miles away from each other.  


Fortunately, I have been to just about all of the shops on the Yarn Crawl.

As you know, El Hub and I were in New York back in January for the whole month and I did my very own yarn crawl!

If you are in NY, please go!  Go and shop for me!!!
And report back!



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